Hi, my name is Katie! This blog is just about all of the magical things that happen in my life! Hope you enjoy!!!

Life lesson number 1: life changes!

6 months ago

I have learned that life changes a bunch once you reach the age to become an adult. I am one class away from being half way done with college. It’s crazy to think that I’m only 6 classes away from being done with school, and being on my own. I only have until April of next year until I’m done. I am really loving my career choice right now. I have learned so much since September that it’s almost crazy. God has really blessed me with this journey I’m on right now. I have meet some really nice people along the way.

Somedays I miss college life at OC so bad I can’t stand it, but I wouldn’t change my career just to go back. I think what I miss most are the wonderful people there. God has shown me though that I am still not the person that He needs me to be. I see that my life needs changing. He has taken me on several journeys since I left OC, most leaving me feeling like I don’t belong anywhere. Every time I was down He showed me I’m where He needs me at the moment by blessing me with the highest grades in my class. I still have my bad days, but I try to make it through. Sometimes you are taken on a very lonely journey, to hopefully a better stronger version of yourself. That’s all I can hope for on my bad days. Just the thought that maybe all those lonely moments would be worth it, something good has to come of this. Job had to loose everything before he could gain all of life’s blessings. God will be my light through this time in my life. I couldn’t do any of the wonderful things I’m doing without Him.

My biggest struggle in life at the moment, is finding a church home. I just can’t seem to find a Church of Christ that makes me feel welcome. Sure I’ve found some churches with good preachers, but the people don’t really talk to me. I never knew how it felt to be alone in a huge crowd and not have a single person talk to you until a few months ago. I really need to find a good church home, that feels like a family. The one down fall of this city is some of the people just get so involved in their own life’s that they forget about all the others around them. That’s hard for me, especially at church. The church is hospital for the sinners, not a museum for the saints ( Abigail Van Buren). I know that God has a wonderful plan for my life! I just hope I can’t make it through the valleys, so I can see the amazing view from the top of the mountain!!!

I had way to much fun creating these galaxy nails this evening!!!

7 months ago

Thinking about life.

8 months ago

I am the kind of person, that doesn’t just want average! I want the best life possible for me. Most of all I just want to make a difference in this big world. Who am I you ask? I am just another person in this world who wants to make a difference. I honestly don’t know if my life has made a difference to anyone yet, but I hope it will one day. We all come to a point in life, where we are figuring out who we are. I know at least who I don’t want to be, besides that I just try to live my life for God. When I was little I had the biggest dream expectations that any little girl ever could have. I just knew that I was going to be someone in this world. Well, I grew up and realized that most people in this world never really ever get that chance to make a difference. I know that more than likely that will be my fate. I still hope to at least touch someone’s life, and just make a difference. I just want to be a positive influence in this world. I feel like the medical field is where I am supposed to make that difference. We all need to just trust God with His plans, and take up our crosses and follow Him with every fiber of our beings! I don’t know where God will take me from here, but all I do know is that the journey is what builds our character. God is so good!

Home again

8 months ago

My trip home has been well earned! I really needed a break away from school and stress! The devil has really been playing tricks with my mind the past couple of weeks. This has caused me to doubt the path that God clearly has put me on! It just took a few days of being home to realize that God has plans to make my life great, if only I can have the courage to continue to follow Him even through darkness! The thing I’ve hated most about my new life, is having to learn to be on my own. I’ve never had to be alone much! I hardly ever get to see my friends anymore, but I think that’s because God is working on my life! I know being alone will forever be something I struggle with, it’s a fear of mine I guess. I need to get over it though. I will be living by myself in a year, which means I’m really an adult now. I am just starting to get a glimpse of adulthood earlier than most people. My life has never been normal, and I think this is just another part of my not so normal life! I have always strived to not have a normal life, because I want to stand out and be different than the rest! I want to be remembered. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to come home. I really needed some time to think about everything that’s going on right now! These past doubts in my mind are gone, and now the struggles from them have sparked a new song from me! Music helps me through everything, especially hard situations. I hope someday my music will inspire other. I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Happy snow day to me!!!

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Another class done!

8 months ago

I finished up my second x-ray class yesterday! I came out with a 96% in the class, so I’m rather happy about that! Now I’m packing my stuff to leave for my home today. I get a week an a half off, and I’m in much need of the break! This class has lasted so long! I really have learned a lot from this class though. It’s just a lot of information in a very short time, so my brain has been overwhelmed. Now to just relaxed over the next week, then back to school. I’m ready for my next couple of classes! Now just to convince myself to get out of bed to get ready and finish packing!

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It’s finally Friday!

8 months ago

So this week has been long. I only have a few more days of this class left, so my teacher has been taking a lot of last minute grades. At least I only have until Tuesday with this class, then I get a week and a half off! My teacher has been letting us do projects in between all of our assignments, so that has helped this week go by a little bit faster. I am just ready for my time off, to go home and see my parents! I have missed them, some days it’s hard living five hours away from them. At least my school lets us have a week off every seven weeks. That should help out a little bit. Only one more year until I graduate! Well, that’s just an overview of my week!

Long week

9 months ago

For some reason, I have been having the hardest time getting myself out of bed to get ready. It’s becoming a slight problem. I love my college classes, but I’m so ready for my week and a half off that’s about two weeks away. It’s hard living here at my aunt and uncles house, because I live 5 hours away from my parents. My best friend lives 30 minutes away from me, and I just get tired of being alone all the time. I miss being at my old college and getting to see all my friends on a daily bases. Now I might get to see my closest friend only once a week. The only thing that helps me is having three younger cousins here. Some alone time is okay, but I get to the point where I long to get out and do things. I’ve never really had to be alone for this long in my life. I’ve always had someone to talk to, or to do things with. Now I spend most of my evenings with my friend the tv. Let’s just say I’m super ready to spend time with my bestest friend this weekend. And I’m also ready to spend some time with my mom. I just have to take it one day at a time! God put me at this place and at this college for a reason. I totally trust Him on that. It’s just some days I get really lonely. I know God is putting me through this for a reason, now just to trust Him, and let Him make plans for my life.

Video games.

9 months ago

So this morning my 8 year old cousin Will wanted to teach me how to play Halo. I’ve never really played any video games before besides Mario. I figured out that I’m awful at video games, and plus after only playing the game for less than 10 minutes it gave me a bad headache! I really don’t see why people waste their life’s away by playing games like that all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand playing ever now and then, but if you spend all your time playing video games, then you’re totally living your life wrong!! Spend time with people, not with a tv screens, and that goes with all technology! People have become so wrapped up with their phone, computers, ect. that they never really get to know people! Live you life, you only get one chance! Don’t waste any of it! Live your life for God!!!

Writing a song.

9 months ago

So I have this song that I’m writing at the moment, and it’s turning out semi good! I’m kinda proud of it! I’m not very good at writing songs, but I like to write them anyways! Music is a huge part of my life, so writing songs just helps me express my life in a different way. I just get lost when playing guitar. It gives me a feeling I can’t describe. Like it’s meant to be. I feel comfortable and strong while playing. Music really does help with any situation in life! I know I will probably never get famous, but that’s okay. I am happy playing my music for myself. And for the few of you that get to hear it, thanks for listening! Music=life!!!!

Back to school.

9 months ago

Well, another break has come and gone. I will leave home today, because my college classes start again tomorrow. This break was amazing! I had a lot of fun catching up with all my family. It’s hard for me to leave because I miss my family terribly when I’m gone, but I’m also happy to be starting classes again! I guess this is one of the hard parts of being an adult. I have a great feeling about this semester of college, I’m excited to be ever so closer to graduating! Only 11 more months, I can do this!!